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by Rokeby on January 8, 2012

Libro 1: Lista 37 – Misdirecting me on purpose (intermediate)

PODCAST INTRO: Imagine that one day you ask someone for directions in the street and they start giving you completely false information. What would you do? This is the dilemna our character finds herself in our story of the week. Misdirecting me on purpose. But first, let’s do today’s vocab which formed the basis of the story. It’s from vocabulary book 1 unit 37.

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Vocabulario – lista 37

Of – de
Off – apagado*
On – encendido
On – sobre
On purpose – a propósito
On the other hand – por otro lado
Ok – está bien
Once – una vez
Twice – dos veces
Often – a menudo
Always – siempre
Open – abrir
Shut – cerrar / cerrado
Library – biblioteca
Street – calle
Statue – estatua
Station – estación
Right – derecha
Left – izquierda
Road – carretera

Vocabulario en contexto (Podcast con texto del ‘listening’)

JEN: “Alright… can you tell me the way to the station, please?”
SILLY MAN: “Yeah, sure… you’ve got to walk up and down this road once, walk across the bridge twice, open and shut the door of the library, sing ‘the yellow submarine’ by the Beatles, and then you’ll find it”
JEN: “What?”

SILLY MAN: “Only joking…sorry, I thought it would be funny to give someone strange directions. It’s not something I do on purpose but I love to play jokes.* I often play jokes … especially on my wife…no, in fact, not often… I’m always playing jokes on her. The other day we were sitting on our terrace and I said, “The hospital called earlier about your blood test… they say they found something that they need to discuss.”

It was really funny because my wife’s a hypochondriac so she was worrying about it all day. She went to the church twice and then I told her it was a joke. She shouted, threw me out of the door, and shut it after me. She didn’t open it until the next day. Oh yes, jokes are always good to make you feel happy. On the other hand, though, I understand it can be a little annoying sometimes; but… only a little.”

JEN: “Erm…err…yes, fascinating, but what’s the way to the station?”
SILLY MAN: “Oh yes, sorry, I forgot. I didn’t forget on purpose it’s just that often when I start talking I seem to forget things. Anyway, the station is close. You take the first right, go right again, go right again, follow the road and then take a left. Turn left again at the statue, left at the library, and go straight up the street and then you’ll see the station.”
JEN: “You’re still joking, aren’t you? Just forget it…I’m going. I’ll find my own way.”
SILLY MAN: “Okay then….Yes, I’ve got to go, anyway… I forgot to switch the oven off so I have to rush home. Bye”
JEN: “Bye”SILLY MAN: “Ha ha…everytime you want to ask someone directions you’ll always remember me, won’t you?”
JEN: “Erm…I don’t think you should talk in the middle of the street, there’s a bus coming.”
SILLY MAN: “Ha ha ha…good joke…but do you think you can play a joke on the master of jokes?”
JEN: “No, really, there’s a bus coming.”
SILLY MAN: “Ha ha ha…. Arghhh….”


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